Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm always playing catch up

For those who are critical that I don't show anyone on this blog, there is my bro, obviously not posing for the pic. We have insulated and the sheetrockers are well on their way. The front port has finally been framed correctly and the front door was installed. It's a big front door, 3 1/2' by 8' tall. Most front doors are 3' wide by 7' tall. This will make it easier to bring big furniture into the house. My sheetrockers are probably illegal immigrants because whenever I ask them to do something they say "Ce, Ce!!" and then they don't do it. Maybe I am assuming that if you can't speak any english that you are not a green card holding immigrant. Am I wrong to assume this?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Four Way to be Proud of

Oh yeah, thats my furnace room. Women can have their kitchens and bathrooms and living rooms and sewing rooms and whatever. This is a man room. What you see is the guts and the glory of any house. On the left is two 50 gallon water heaters, in the back is a 96.6 percent variable speed furnace and you can't see the gas distribution, water distribution or electrical distripution panel, but trust me, it is quite the setup.
We got the 4 way inspection last week (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, framing) and passed with flying colors. Well, almost. It seems my free labor plumber (my dad) flunked his drainage test. We had 4 leaks and we only filled up 15% of the system with water. We had to drain the water quick because if it froze in the pipes, we would have major problems. I have a reinspection tomorrow, I'm crossing my fingers. The inspector gave us the go ahead with insulation last week, so we insulated on Tuesday. I'll have to take some pictures of it before drywall is installed on Tuesday.
I'm in Las Vegas today and for the next week I will be supervising the construction of a house/Disneyland Resort. The superintendent has to leave for a couple days and I am filling in. Here is a link to that house if you have a couple minutes to check it oug. It's a pretty incredible job. Maybe one day I can have waterslide in my backyard.