Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hardwood Floors

We arn't quite done with the tile, but we have moved on to the wood floor. It took a couple days to lay down 400 sq ft of hardwood. The hardwood is maple with a cherry looking stain that was glazed with black stain. It looks awesome! As you can tell in the pictures, the girls almost have all the walls glazed. The bottom picture shows the different stains that we tried. The sample wall will be behind cabinets, so don't worry that the kitchen wall is going to look nasty.
We had to extend our loan by 45 days so that we could wrap up the loose ends. We need to finish by May 1st, so I'll try to do a decent job on our quest to the deadline. I need to finish this house before my body and maybe my will power gives out.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tile Work

The first pic is kind of difficult to see. I am in the process of laying the hardibacker for the tile on the floor, but the tile on the shower walls is done. It is a beautiful travertine stone with a 3D accent at the 6 ft high level. The tile goes all the way to the ceiling. It is very nice. The next pic is Heth & Chad laying some tile in the mudroom. Every room that is tiled (3 Bathrooms, Laundry, and Mudroom -600 sq ft worth) has a different pattern on the floor to add variety.