Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Done...? Yes

As you might can tell, I have been way too busy to even post to my own blog! Here's the DL: Carpet is in, finish fixtures are done, cabinets installed, most of the countertops have been laid, concrete is finished, exterior is 99% finished and I'm lovin it. The carpet is so cushy and the air conditioner works beautiful. The hot water is almost instanteanous and lighting is spectacular. When you drive past our house at night, it is one that catches your eye because of the accent lighting in the soffit. I'm having a party this saturday and all you have to bring is your back (moving party). I can only promise pizza, soda and a hug as payment. I'll have my real party probably in two weeks cause it will coinside with my B-day. So naturaly we will have a Park-a-palooza. See ya there.