Monday, September 1, 2008

I am green!

With the arrival of my new lawn, I may just let my truck idol in the driveway with the AC on to commemorate the good old days when my carbon footprint was Shaq size. If others of you have extra carbon emissions, I will sell you a portion of my lawn's carbon offset so you can sleep better at night knowing you are an idiot, I mean an environmentally friendly individual.
Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family for helping me and the bro with our lawn. The sod went down so easy because of your help. Thanks to Jeff, Skivy, Pukers, Shannon, Joe, Keith, Mike, Sky Man, and Chad's wife.

Four Months Later

It actually took longer to post another blog than it did to finish the deck. The first pic shows my bro with his mind being blown away by my awesome stair making skills. The next one shows the deck completely finished, with the exception of hand rails. You may ask what inspired me to not put hand rails up. Could it be the next trend in 2009, the short arrival of a fire pole, or maybe it is an invisible one that doesn't block the scenery? Nope, I just don't have enough money for safety measures. Trex decking is super expensive and I don't have any kids to fall off the stairs. If the cats or dogs fell, oh well, they would be less expensive to replace than the cost of those hand rails. The only dog I care about is the one in the last picture (Leopold) and he's gone now because my wife sold him for money; she's in the dog slave trade business.