Friday, May 9, 2008

Help, I'm stuck on my porch!

My upper back porch is currently 9' above my lower back porch without any means of getting from one porch to the other. And who wants a lame set of "normal" stairs anyway. My first idea of a fireman pole is a one way travel method and a rope just isn't conventional if you have a soda in one hand and a ballpark in the other. If I was a little more innovative, I would have gone Swiss Family Robinson, but I settled on modern style with practical functionality.
The pictures above depict the landing that I am currently working on. The structural members are not randomly place, as one with an untrained eye would assume. There is one right angle, two equivalent obtuse angles and one acute angle. There are no parallel lines. Anyone remember geometry? Can you guess the official name of this polygon? Is is a parallelogram, trapezoid, quadrilateral, or a rhombus? Take the quiz.
Now I know that many of you are worried about the success of this project and can't though the dense fog in front of us, but let your hearts not be troubled, for I, Dustin, am your commander in chief of this operation and I have 20/20 talent. So let your minds at ease, and we will persevere.