Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Showers

March is reputable for showers, so we thought we'd build one.  In our never ending quest to finish the basement, we are tiling the bathrooms. Travertine is so last year, and slate is so last month, so we are going to do a hybrid travertine/slate shower.  I'm interested to see it come together. 
We have learned a lot from past shower projects and from taking showers.  This great experience we now have has contributed to the idea that we need a small bench in this shower. The bench is for hanging out in the shower and shaving your legs, if you're into that (once is enough for me).  
Little bro is installing Hardibacker, note that the ceiling will recieve tile as well.
Shower pan goes down before Hardibacker is installed on lower walls.  There is to be no penetration of this membrane from the floor to six inches above the floor.Now you throw some Quikrete Sand Mix in the bottom. Float out at 1/2 to 1/4 bubble, sloped to drain. This is actually difficult. I think this is the first shower that I have floated correctly. I usually make them too steep. A level and a chalk line on the Hardibacker before you place the sand mix helps out tons.Slate 12 x 12 squares, pretty typical and simple.  Note the leg shaving bench on the right.

And this is what I was thinking to put on the wall.  I think we may not install the bling in the center of the crushed chocalate travertine.  I tried so hard to implement some bling in the slate cause it looks so good. Unfortunately, I do not possess the superhuman ability of overruling a pregnant woman.