Friday, January 16, 2009

Latest Project

I've been keeping busy over the last couple months.  I half way finished a brick mailbox (that's how we like it in Kentucky), finished the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing in the basement, and even built a work area in my furnace room.  That would be the last picture on this post.  Those cabinets are high quality, straight from China, free ninty-nine cabinets.  The countertop was free too.  

It's nice to work in construction because at the end of a job it's kind of like seeing a couch next to an apartment dumpster and throwing it in the back of your pickup (ahh, missionary memories). In construction sometimes the wrong color is ordered, the wrong size cabinet is built, or someone over ordered a product.  Its either the dumpster or my house.  Go ahead and ask me where that commercial weed barrier under my rock creek came from.  

The first pic is the insulation that was placed by other people.  Yes, I finally hired someone to do something in my basement. Insulation makes me itch and I'm just not into itching.  The next pic is my drywall efforts.  Dan the neighbor is helping which makes it so much easier to install.  A fifteen foot, 5/8" piece of drywall weighs as much as 150 lbs! We are almost finished. Does anyone want to come over for my third drywall party?


Skivinator said...

Good post. When is the next drywall party? And will it involve some Rock Band at the end??

Sam said...

You know I'll be there.